Strength • Vulnerability • balance

Many times, as caregivers, our focus is on how to help our children and those we care for grow into strong, resilient and happy adults.  We diligently research the best foods, medication, activities, academics and therapies for our children.  We attend many trainings and support sessions on how to better help them and teach them to succeed in academics and life skills.  However, somewhere along the way we forget that we also need to be cared for and nurtured, so that we can be better parents and caregivers for those who need us.  We need to continue to ensure that we are at our best, emotionally, physically, and financially.  Apex can help with your emotional care.

At Apex, we believe in the power of peer support.  Having a strong system of supportive peers who are non-judgmental, share similar experiences, and are able to explore solutions together, can be a powerful way to build on emotional strength and resilience.  We combine psychoeducation and supportive sharing to ensure that our clients are gaining the tools needed to be their best selves.


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