Julie Wilder 

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This is a unique transformative emotional experience, made possible through the synergy of therapeutic coaching and  fine art photography. It is revolutionary therapeutic approach to allowing you to explore your vulnerabilities, discover your hidden personas and to release the negative emotions that are blocking you from continuing on your journey. It will help to enhance and empower the essence of you and discover new strengths.

PhotoTherapy is an experiential and self explorative art form. There are no limits or boundaries on how you chose to release your negative energy, discover your identities or feel empowered all in a safe environment. As long as it is safe and consensual; we will coach you through it and capture it.

This is the right choice for you if you feel like you are having a difficult time letting go of your negative emotions; feeling lost in figuring out your identity or identities that make up who you are; wanting to celebrate your life during or after transitions; or wanting to explore your relationship as a couple though therapeutic photography.



  • You will receive three one-hour-long therapy sessions before the photoshoot, to explore your emotional needs. 
  • 4-8 hours long day of photo and therapeutic session.  This is where we you will experience the emotions identified and photography will be taken.
  • One hour emotional processing therapy session a week after the photoshoot. (We will identify if more sessions are needed at this time)
  • You will receive a minimum of twelve professionally edited, high-resolution digital photographs.
  • Prints and photo books are also available at a modest extra cost.
(The timeline for the phototherapy treatment will be at least 6 weeks and approximately 12 hours in total)

Our photographer is an internationally published artist, with over 20 years of experience in photography and the graphic arts. You can find him on Facebook at  Chris Court Photos.



Miami, FL and surrounding areas.
We are happy to travel to other cities, states or countries, however additional travel and accommodation fees will apply.

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(305) 801-4022



Julie Wilder

Well Good Morning!!!!! I’m going to tease with a photo that I’ve been sitting on for about a month now. I’ve been doing a LOT of healing in the past year, but I still had a bitter lump between my heart & solar plexus that I was ready to let go of when Thinn Aung posted about a unique Phototherapy technique she was pioneering with her photographer husband through ther therapy practice.. It was an incredible experience where I got to embody some pent up rage and release it a very healthy and SATISFYING way. Anger is not something that many people in our society are comfortable with, but you got to FEEL it to HEAL it!!! Now I have a whole series of BADASS photos of me releasing major Anger, Sadness and also stepping into just me. It was an incredibly transformative practice and my friends INSTANTLY noticed a HUGE shift in me. heart emoticon heart emoticon heart emoticon.  Find her story here

Kelly Milligan

Finding our power is something that we all are striving to do. You have to peel away the layers until you find that power buried deep inside. Self care is something that every woman should be doing in order to efficiently peel away those layers! Phototherapy was not only wonderful self care it was a really profound part of me finding my feminine power. Thinn Aung is an incredible therapist. Stay tuned for a blog and don’t hesitate to contact her for help peeling your onion Check out Sisters in Health @ 


My journey with Thinn Aung started when I saw Julie Wilder photos of she and that axe. I knew I needed to participate in the soul exposure phototherapy but did not know to what extent. The little girl in me wanted to be free. She no longer wanted to hold on the the limiting messages she has been holding onto for years. It was time to expose those hurts and step fully into her power and peace. I did not think I needed the individual therapy sessions, a healer myself, I convinced myself Thinn was not capable of holding space for me. I was wrong. She was sensitive, insightful, and strong. She supported my process of peeling back the layers of healing and facilitated a sacred space for my inner medicine woman to emerge from behind the shadow of the wounded child. Here's the thing... we all have unclaimed parts of ourselves waiting to come home, the task at hand is, to call our spirits home and be ready for their integration. What Thinn and Chris facilitate is sacred and unique. They have only touched the surface of the depth to which they will support others in their healing journey. In short, soul retrieval is a mysterious journey I do not pretend to understand, I am just so grateful that on this leg of my earth walk, I was supported so lovingly and genuinely.